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  • Tune.FM 1 Million Jam Tokens Giveaway: Enjoy Music in While Earning!

Tune.FM 1 Million Jam Tokens Giveaway: Enjoy Music in While Earning!

Unlock a World of Exclusive Prizes and Web3 Adventures with Tune.FM & Edge of Giveaways

Your Web3 Adventure Starts Here!

🎁 Welcome to the Edge of Giveaways: Your portal to the top 1% of Web3, digital collectibles, crypto, and more, brought to you by the Edge of NFT and the Outer Edge team!

We're offering an exclusive pass to a realm where giveaways are not just events but experiences! 🤗 

🏟️ The Edge of Giveaways opens doors to coveted prizes, exclusive drops, and a community buzzing with excitement. 🎰 

Tune.FM: A Revolution in Music!

📻 Tune.FM is where music meets Web3 innovation! Powered by cutting-edge Hashgraph technology and guided by a strong Governance Council, it's not just a platform—it's a movement that empowers artists & rewards fans. 🙌 

🤑👂 Earn While You Listen: Tune.FM lets you earn JAM tokens for every second of music, turning your passion into a rewarding experience. 🎧

🎟️ Exclusive Access and Rewards: Dive into exclusive experiences, digital collectibles, and rewards, deepening your connection with the music & artists you love. 💕 

🔊 Discover Unprecedented Quality: Experience unparalleled audio with lossless, uncompressed masters directly from artists. Tune.FM categorizes music by genre, location, instrument, and mood for a journey of discovery. 🛣️

🎧💰When the Music Plays, the Artist Gets Paid: Instant royalties, exclusive experiences, and a vibrant ecosystem await every music enthusiast.

🎧 Jam Tokens: Fueling a Thriving, Decentralized Music Community 💰

JAM tokens turn music listening into a rewarding journey, earned while enjoying favorite tunes! 🎶 

🎟️ Exclusive Perks Access: Unlock premium Tune.FM features using JAM tokens for digital collectibles and VIP access. 👑 

🎤 Shape Music's Future: Be part of Tune.FM's decentralized community!

💰 How to win this ~$1600 PRIZE! 🏆

🍀 One lucky winner stands the chance to win a staggering 1 million Jam Tokens, valued at ~1600 USD, while ALL participants receive a generous 1000 Jam Tokens each by signing up!  

But wait, there's more!  

🏆 The grand prize winner will also gain exclusive entry into the Million Jam Well Club - an elite crypto community with fewer than 200 members. This private club serves as the epitome of vibrant entertainment and is the ultimate destination for exclusive insights. As a member, you'll enjoy alpha perks, insider information, and direct access to the Tune.FM team. 💎 

📄 Guideline for Earning Points

All tasks marked Mandatory have to be completed to qualify! Remember that completing more tasks increases your chances of winning - So check off all the tasks to maximize your chances! 💯 

🚨 Mandatory Tasks

1️⃣ Follow our frens at @TuneFmOfficial on Twitter / X.

2️⃣ Quote & retweet this giveaway on the @EdgeofNFT Twitter / X and tag two friends who would appreciate the chance to win the prize too!

3️⃣ Create a Tune.FM Account. (Get 1000 Jam Tokens Instantly!)

➡️ Optional Tasks

4️⃣ Join the Tune.FM Telegram Group

5️⃣ Like our YouTube Video

6️⃣ Subscribe to the Edge of NFT YouTube!

🔒 Final Steps

When you unlock the last task, it will generate a unique link. Share this link with your network for additional points. Remember, referrals must be entered through your unique link before you get credited for points!

💡 Important Note for the Winner
If you win, you'll need to provide the wallet associated with your Tune.FM account. Ensure you have this information ready so that we can promptly dispense your well-deserved prize. Good luck! 🌟